updates #1 (mixtapes, reviews, interviews)

bynar, a cool guy with good taste, great mixtapes and a cool page featured us in his mixtape (along with interpol, editors, the cure -great!):

thank you for these wonderful little features :

suteren bizzare (thank you night admirer!)

radio shadowplay (danke michi!)

the free music net (thank you sam vines!)

ausserdem gab es:

- ein interview für thomann, den grössten musikversand der welt:

- und ein nettes kleines interview für das alternative mixtape (danke, karsten!)

Alternative Mixtape - Interview mit Propylaion (21.02.11) by nils wommelsdorf


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  1. You're welcome!
    Many success and good luck in future!
    Hopefully to more great songs and videos! :)